Privacy Policy

During your utilization of our services, we may gather personal data derived from your engagements, preferences, and the functionalities you employ. However, we abstain from handling sensitive personal data and do not acquire any data from external sources. The data we compile might encompass information essential for the provision, enhancement, and administration of our services, alongside communication, security, fraud deterrence, and legal adherence objectives.

Should you harbor inquiries or reservations regarding your privacy rights and selections, please consult our privacy statement or reach out to us directly for assistance.

Personal data you furnish to us:

Information automatically collected:

We process your information for various purposes, including providing, improving, and administering our services, communicating with you, ensuring security and fraud prevention, and complying with the law. We may also process your information for other purposes with your consent.

Some specific reasons for processing your information include:

As for the legal bases we rely on to process your information, they include:

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